Contact Us

Moosup Valley Congregational Christian Church                          81 Moosup Valley Road Foster, RI 01815                                      401-397-8878                                                                 


                    Reverend Betsy Aldrich Garland, Interim Minister                                         31 Strand Avenue Warwick, Rhode Island 02889 Telephone: 401-463-8697


Moderator, Carl Safstrom

76 Moosup Valley Road Foster, Rhode Island 02825

Phone# 401-397-5884 Email:


 Minister of Music, Martha Safstrom

368 Canterbury Road Brooklyn, Ct 06234

860-412-0305 Email:


  Minister of Education, Judi White

 Seekonk, Ma.

Phone #401-615-9556



Website and Electronic Communications

Church Treasurer, Patricia Safstrom

 76 Moosup Valley Road Foster, Rhode Island 02825

Phone# 401-397-5884 Email:


3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. alicia says:

    This is very cool, Pat. How often do we get “hits” on the site? Or how often do people reach out here?

  2. Michael Connolly Jr. says:

    I have just moved back to Glocester, RI after living in the Daytona Beach, Florida for 6 years. I am a active 70 year old man in search for a LGBT affirming & welcoming church that I would feel at home at. Just was wondering if your church is the one for me. Wondering how many people usually at Sunday Worship Service, Do you have a coffee hour after service, are their actually LGBT people who attend Sunday Service????? I’m full of questions I know. I would appreciate it
    if someone, maybe the interim Pastor or someone else could email me back with more information
    about my questions and about your nice church. I thank you so much for reading my message and getting back to me. Mike Connolly Jr.

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